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Steven Shield WD.png
Steven Universe
Home Stage Beach House
Standard Special Shield Toss
Side Special Bubble
Up Special Watermelon Steven
Down Special Light Cannon
Final Smash Obsidian
Extra Skill Ukulele
Franchise Steven Universe
Show of Origin Steven Universe
Release Date of Origin May 21st, 2013
Other Appearances Steven Universe: The Movie
Steven Universe Future
Steven Universe: Save the Light
Submitted By: Jonno

Character Info[]

Steven Universe is a Gem-human hybrid formed by the union of Rose Quartz and Greg Universe. Gems are an alien race projected from a magical gemstone's refracting light, and many of them have been at-arms with the human race for eons. Steven joins Rose's old allies, the Crystal Gems⁠ ⁠— Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl ⁠— in combatting primarily Gem-based threats and often working to show them the light. Steven's Rose Quartz gemstone is located on his belly button. He is frequently known for his puffy hair and star t-shirt, as well as his kind, loving demeanor and disregard for gender norms. Throughout the Steven Universe shows and movie, Steven takes the role of protagonist, and most of the franchise is seen uniquely through his perspective.

General Information[]


Steven beams in, like from a warp pad, with his arms outstretched.

Kirby Hat[]

Kirby dons Steven's curly locks.


Up Taunt: Steven nabs a Cookie Cat treat and happily munches down on it.

Down Taunt: Steven breaks out his trusty Cheeseburger Backpack and takes out one of multiple items to display in his hands, similar to Pac-Man's summoning taunt. Potential objects to show off include his ukulele, Dogcopter, a Light Prism, Sad Apple, the Eternity Chalice, Fish Pizza, a bag of Fry Bits, and a No Home Boys novel.

Side Taunt: Steven plops on his butt and plays his GameCube on his retro television set. Multiple title screens might display, including Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, and Metroid Prime.

Victory Poses[]

Each of Steven's Victory Poses see him moving across the screen from left to right with some friend(s) or another. This is similar to Joker's Victory Poses at first glance, but is actually inspired by the original Steven Universe opening

  1. Steven is joined by Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst, leading the charge as they run across a beach backdrop.
  2. Steven hops upon Lion, joined by his girlfriend Connie holding onto his hip with one hand, and hoisting her sword over her shoulder in the other. They run forward on the same beach backdrop.
  3. Steven leaps into shotgun in Greg's van, and the two can be seen speeding forward in it. Again, same beach backdrop. Here, the victory jingle is replaced by "Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart".)


Standard Special[]

Shield Toss: Giving his best Cap impression, Steven summons his shield and throws it forward. It travels in a forward-moving pattern with trajectory similar to a frisbee, with an upwards arc towards its mid-point that then sinks back towards its initial position. A standard throw might not bear much fruit in the form of damage or knockback, though it can deflect projectiles or make an opponent flinch. Charging the move will, of course, see the shield produce further damage and knockback as it travels at faster speeds. Its upwards arc also degenerates the harder it is thrown; given the intensity of the throw at full-charge, for instance, it'll be a straight-forward throw.

Additionally, the shield is able to bounce from off of surfaces, moving in the opposite direction and carrying heavier momentum until it either disappears, returns to Steven, or hits an opponent. If the shield touches Steven during its flight, it won't hurt him; rather, it will return to his wrist, and after a few movements, will disappear. As the shield hits walls or opponents, it will occasionally vibrate. These vibrations will cause mild damage and are capable of deflecting projectiles. If a heavy projectile hits the shield directly, it may be deflected, but so will the shield! It's a versatile move with elements of unpredictability.

Side Special[]

Bubble: Steven summons his trusty pink bubble, which entirely surrounds him. At first glance, this is a "nothing" move, as Steven simply remains in the bubble. However, it is actually multi-faceted! For starters, Steven is able to pick up momentum in his bubble by revving up. This can be achieved by charging the move in either direction, which will see Steven push forward on the bubble as he begins running in place. After a short period of time, the move will be fully charged, and it'll fling Steven forward. A quick tap of the Side Special input will see Steven move forward in a motion similar to an uncharged Quick Draw, though of course the aesthetic display is quite different. A mid- to fully-charged spin in the bubble better reflects a Spin Dash, courtesy of AiAi.

At full-charge, the bubble grows spikes around it, damaging opponents more heavily and offering room to potentially spike them with the move. The bubble and Steven work in conjunction to ram into opponents, and it is a sight to see. Like Steven's shield, the bubble is susceptible to knockback itself, and Steven can be knocked around in it by walls or his opponents like a game of human pinball. If Steven's bubble hits a wall while it is spiked, it will stick to the wall, offering another recovery option to Steven. Enough damage racked up or enough time spent on the stage will see the bubble pop, which deals additional damage. The damage is dished out on a sliding scale dependent upon momentum carried by the bubble at the time of its popping.

Up Special[]

Watermelon Steven: Steven has a handful of watermelon seeds and sows the ground directly in front of him with them. Their placement is evident as they begin to glow a gentle pink aura, with plant sprouts immediately peering out from the earth. Hold the Up Special input for a moment, however, and a Watermelon Steven will suddenly grow from the seeds! Steven is automatically teleported into the body of the Watermelon Steven before it explodes a split moment later with a victorious "Wuh!" The explosion causes considerable damage and knockback, dependent on the closeness of opponents upon impact. Watermelon slices may also appear around the blast slice, and Steven should work fast to eat them up before his opponents do!

Steven can only sow one handful of watermelon seeds at a time, preventing teleportation spamming. Given the separation in hold time on input, Steven is able to place seeds with a simple tap of the Up Special input, while holding it for a moment longer will see him teleport. This allows Steven to drop seeds where he sees fit without accidentally teleporting. Seeds can be dropped umpteen number of times prior to a teleport, but freshly-sowed seeds will always replace previously-sowed ones.

The seeds also disappear after around 10 seconds of time, offering ample room to teleport towards them, though less room for strategy or versatility the longer that they are left on the stage. While inside of the Watermelon Steven, Steven has super armor, allowing him to rack up damage while in this form, but not be unfairly knocked off-stage during a somewhat laggy process of breaking out of this shell.

Down Special[]

Light Cannon: A light cannon appears beside Steven, and he points forward, permitting it to shoot a vibrant stream of bright light across the stage. Its reach is impeccable, capable of traveling from one side of Temple to another so long as it isn't obstructed by something, though knockback is kept at a minimum, even when the move is fully charged. Though it can rack up damage fairly well with its charge options, and is capable of being angled in any direction that Steven sees fit before being sent off, it's a predictable move with input lag abound. That said, landing a hit can make all of the difference in a raucous free-for-all, allowing Steven to capture unwitting opponents in a firestorm that can dish out high percentages of damage. It can also lend an assist in keeping airborne opponents from landing sneak attacks on Steven as they freefall towards him, or come in from underneath him. Once the light cannon has been angled and the move is set in place, Steven is free to move away from it and use the rest of his moveset as it shoots out its ray. It can be angled anywhere on a 180 degree radius.

Final Smash[]

Obsidian: Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl appear alongside Steven and the four of them each display their own vibrant personalities with a special dance. They glow a bright white light, and before you know it, they've fused into the mighty Obsidian! Obsidian leaps towards the back of the stage and a star-shaped reticle appears over the foreground. The player is able to aim this reticle anywhere that they prefer on the stage. Pressing the standard or special attack button will see Obsidian let loose a wicked stream of fire from their mouth, obliterating opponents caught in its wake. As Obsidian is letting loose, the player is able to lightly tilt the control stick in one direction or another to move the direction of their fire breath. This fire breath may be used upwards of three times before the Crystal Gems disband from their fusion and Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl hug Steven, letting him return to the fight by his lonesome. Obsidian is also able to crush the stage with their fists, enacting a right jab with a tap of the right shoulder button and a left jab with a tap of the left shoulder button. These punches can be slightly angled by turning the control stick left or right as Obsidian stands in place, ready to strike.

Extra Skills[]

Ukulele: Steven breaks out his trusty ukulele and sits in place. A quick action prompt appears above his head, allowing him to choose one of three songs. There is a blue star icon with an ukulele shaped in the middle of it at its center, a yellow one to its right, and a red one to its left.

The Blue Star represents the "Defense Song", granting Steven a buff in defense for a short period of time, allowing him to take more damage and knockback whilst being 1.5x harder to knock around. The Red Star represents the "Strong Song", granting Steven a buff in attack for a short period of time, allowing him to dish out 1.5x more damage and knockback with his attacks. The Yellow Star represents the "Cure Song", allowing Steven to dispel status effects that ail him.

These songs may only be used once every 15 seconds, preventing Steven from spamming buffs. Whilst playing his quick jingle, it is also possible for opponents to stop him mid-song by breaking his ukulele, making him have to wait for it to respawn in order to use it again. Cutting the song short also cuts its effects short; a halfway-played "Defense Song" will only permit Steven 1.2x more endurance, for instance.

Unique Traits[]

Steven can levitate in mid-air, much like one does when using the Super Leaf. Steven also uses his Bubble as a surrogate for a standard shield. Steven can also crawl and swim - just not very aptly.

Alternate Costumes[]

  1. Default (Kid Steven - Red Star T-Shirt)
  2. Kid Steven - Star Sweater
  3. Kid Steven - Sadie Killer T-Shirt
  4. Kid Steven - "Mr. Greg" Attire
  5. Kid Steven - Tiger Millionaire Attire
  6. Teen Steven - Greg Star T-Shirt
  7. Teen Steven - Movie Star T-Shirt
  8. Teen Steven - It's a Wash T-Shirt
  9. Teen Steven - Dress Shirt
  10. Teen Steven - Pink Diamond Attire