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Prince Froggy.png
Prince Froggy
Boss Location Story Mode [Inside Froggy]
Franchise Yoshi's Island
Game of Origin Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Release Date of Origin August 5th, 1995
Other Appearances Tetris Attack
Submitted By: Zantok

Boss Info[]

Prince Froggy is a royal member of the Frog Pirate species who lives in a castle on Yoshi’s Island. Yoshi and Baby Mario pass through this castle on their way to return Baby Mario to his parents. But Kamek and Prince Froggy have other plans as Kamek’s magic shrinks Yoshi and Baby Mario to the size of a fly and get eaten by the frog where Yoshi will have to protect his young charge and fight his way out against Prince Froggy’s stomach.

Boss Fight Details[]

Prince Froggy 2.jpg

Much like in Yoshi’s Island, the player finds themselves being shrunk by magical means and swallowed whole by Prince Froggy. This boss fight takes place inside of Prince Froggy’s stomach as a very small stage. As this fight features the player fighting in a wholly-enclosed space, this boss fight is fought using HP values as opposed to damage percentages. The player will have to avoid taking as much damage as possible while dealing more to Prince Froggy’s innards if they want to escape. The target of attack in this boss fight is the uvula at the top of the “stage”. That is the only point of Prince Froggy that can be damaged in this fight.


Stomach Acid[]

As the fight progresses little drips of acid will fall from the roof of Prince Froggy’s stomach and fall down below. Making contact with them will cause minor damage to the player but it can still add up. You cannot damage these acid drips and you can’t get rid of them in anyway. Your only option is to avoid them with shields, dodges, or well timed movements.

Fighter Fly[]

When Prince Froggy has lost about a quarter of his health, he’ll start to eat Fighter Fly enemies from around him to try and make himself feel better. These Fighter Flies will fall down into the stomach where the player is and will serve as a distraction. They’ll attack the player as they normally would, but do you spend your time focusing on them, or ignore them to try and deal more damage to Prince Froggy?


  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island