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Monster Squad.jpg Monster Squad (George, Lizzie, and Ralph)
Home Stage Peoria
Standard Special Roar
Side Special Twisted Metal
Up Special Multi-Spin
Down Special Jump Smash
Final Smash V.E.R.N.
Extra Skill Wall Climb & Rampage Meter
Franchise Rampage
Game of Origin Rampage
Release Date of Origin July 3rd, 1986
Other Appearances Rampage World Tour
Rampage Through Time
Rampage: Total Destruction
Submitted By: Kellyjelly

Character Info[]

There have been many conflicting accounts of how these terrifying monsters came to be. Some say they were the result of experimental vitamins, while others are convinced they were scientists who mutated following a laboratory explosion. A few even believe they were transformed after consuming radioactive soda; whatever the reason, nearly all agree that Scumlabs was the company responsible. These monsters have left an immeasurable amount of destruction across North America, through time and even in space to get their revenge.

General Information[]

George, Lizzie and Ralph all function identically and share one character slot. The player will normally start a match as George, switching to Lizzie, then to Ralph, then back to George each time they suffer a KO. This way, each monster can get in on the action without hogging the spotlight. The player can also use their cursor to select which monster they want to start the match as similar to Pokémon Trainer. They’ll be referred to collectively as ‘GLR’ from here on.


GLR rapidly mutates from a regular human into their monster form.

Kirby Hat[]

Kirby’s headwear will match the monster that he inhales, resembling an ape, dinosaur or wolf for George, Lizzie or Ralph, respectively.


Up Taunt: GLR give the player a double thumbs-up and laugh menacingly.

Down Taunt: GLR grin at the player while rubbing their belly in a circle.

Side Taunt: GLR shake out their head and shoulders side-to-side to loosen up their muscles.

Victory Poses[]

  1. GLR takes an angry swipe at the camera; it falls on its side as the monster stomps away out of frame, shaking the view with each step.
  2. GLR is shown climbing the side of a building and punching their fist through a window. After rummaging around for a moment, they pull out their hand and hold up their unique Special Food for the camera (banana for George, egg for Lizzie, steak for Ralph).
  3. GLR all gather for a group pose reminiscent of Rampage World Tour’s title screen.
  4. If GLR manages to land the final KO as V.E.R.N. (see Final Smash section), a secret victory screen will play out. The CEO of Scumlabs, Eustace DeMonic, is shown at a desk glaring ominously at the viewer, while a monitor next to him displays text that reads ‘[stage name]: TOTALLY DESTROYED.’ This is based on Rampage World Tour when the player completes a level after transforming into V.E.R.N.


Standard Special[]

Roar: GLR lets loose an angry roar which produces a short-range sound-wave around them. The move deals light damage and knock-back, and makes opponents flinch. It causes slightly more damage and knock-back in the direction GLR is facing.

Side Special[]

Twisted Metal: GLR hurls a car towards their opponent that travels in an arc, landing on the ground with a crunch before vanishing. Most of the time GLR will throw an assortment of standard-size cars (taxis, police cruisers, etc.) but there’s a small chance they will throw a firetruck that deals extra damage.

Up Special[]

Multi-Spin: GLR sticks out their arms like helicopter blades and spins 720º in the air to gain a bit of height. They can use this move up to three times to deal damage and them recover

Down Special[]

Jump Smash: GLR rises slightly in anticipation before quickly plummeting, landing on their feet and smashing both fists into the ground. Any opponents standing on either side of them will be launched into the air in a way similar to the POW Block’s function; landing on top of an opponent will instead bury them in the ground. The move doesn’t cause as much damage midfall, making it best utilized for crowd-clearing.

Final Smash[]

V.E.R.N.: GLR scoops up a barrel of purple toxic waste and gobbles it up, transforming into the Abomination monster V.E.R.N. While transformed, the player can fly in any direction, press A to perform a melee swipe and press B to shoot fireballs. They also gain super armour but are still susceptible to damage. They will revert back to normal after about 10 seconds.

Extra Skill[]

Wall Climb: GLR have an advanced form of Wall Cling that allows them to climb up or down for a short time. During this state they can also punch up, down or to the side using tilt attacks, as well as use Roar. Double-tapping away from the wall will make them jump off the wall, and double-tapping down will make them let go.

Rampage Meter: GLR have a ‘Rampage Meter’ above their damage percentage. Landing hits on opponents will fill the meter a certain amount, but it will constantly be draining. It will fill up faster by landing stronger or consecutive attacks, encouraging a more aggressive play-style focused around landing combos. Once the meter is filled, Rampage Mode will activate (indicated with a fiery red aura that surrounds GLR). During this state, all special moves have boosted damage and knock-back, and speed and jump height is slightly increased. The Rampage Meter will drain at a set rate and run out after about 15 seconds.

Alternate Costumes[]

  1. Default
  2. Boris, Ruby, and Rhett - Colors based on Boris, Ruby, and Rhett.
  3. Gilman, Crock, and Leon - Colors based on Gilman, Crock, and Leon.
  4. Kyle, Marco, and Rojo - Colors based on Kyle, Marco, and Rojo.
  5. Wally, Icky, and Joe - Colors based on Wally, Icky, and Joe.
  6. Edwin, Kingston, and Cyril - Colors based on Edwin, Kingston, and Cyril.
  7. Harry, Amanda, and Shelby - Colors based on Harry, Amanda, and Shelby. George's Harry alt also resembles his film appearances as an albino silverback gorilla.
  8. Bubba, Ramsey, and Philbert - Colors based on Bubba, Ramsey, and Philbert.

Associated Content[]

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