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Manny Calavera.png Manny Calavera
Home Stage The Blue Casket
Standard Special Reaper's Scythe
Side Special Fire Extinguisher
Up Special Carrier Pigeons
Down Special Travel Package
Final Smash The Bone Wagon
Extra Skill Dressed to the Nines
Franchise Grim Fandango
Game of Origin Grim Fandango
Release Date of Origin October 30th, 1998
Other Appearances N/A
Submitted By: Kellyjelly

Character Info[]

Manuel “Manny” Calavera once worked as a reaper and travel agent at the DOD (Department of Death), guiding recently deceased souls to the Land of Eternal Rest to atone for an unknown sin he committed in life. After failing to secure a travel package for one Meche Colomar, he discovers a sinister scheme within the DOD cheating his clients out of their rightful spots on the Number 9 Train, the quickest way to the 9th Underworld. Over the course of four years, Manny pursues Meche and attempts to expose the source of corruption taking root in the land of the dead.

General Information[]


Manny appears in his reaper robe with a locker next to him. He quickly pulls off the robe and his stilts before stuffing them all inside. The locker vanishes as Manny turns to prepare for the fight.

Kirby Hat[]

Kirby wears a black hood over a white mask that resembles Manny’s skull.


Up Taunt: Manny extends his staff and admires the finish, then collapses it and puts it away.

Down Taunt: A microphone stand appears in front of Manny and he says a random poetry line. There are about 20 different lines he can say. “Dig this real!”

Side Taunt: Manny pulls out a deck of cards and makes one appear in his hand.

Victory Poses[]

  1. Manny’s scythe cuts through and splits the darkness in half to reveal him in his full reaper outfit, similar to when he first meets Meche. “Buenos Dias!”
  2. Glottis cheers Manny on his victory, smothering him in a hug that rocks him side-to-side. Manny’s can’t do much, so he just accepts it.
  3. Manny takes a drag from a cigarette and blows a smoke ring (don’t worry; Manny won’t suffer smoking-related health issues on account of being dead).


Standard Special[]

Reaper's Scythe: Manny whips out his trusty scythe and slashes in front of him. The move has a bit of windup, but it deals decent damage and has the power to break an opponent’s shield. Despite being a reaper’s scythe, it does not have the potential to instantly KO an opponent; you’ll need to rely on the Death’s Scythe item for that.

Side Special[]

Fire Extinguisher: Manny pulls out a fire extinguisher from inside his suit, standing in place while spraying foam a short distance in front of him. Similar to Inkling’s Splattershot, you can hold the button to continuously spray and cover an opponent with more foam. This foam will temporarily nullify any fire-based moves to make them weaker. The more foam covering the opponent, the longer the effect will last. Some examples of the move’s effects are:

  • Physical moves like Captain Falcon’s Falcon Kick will lose their fire effect, greatly decreasing their damage and knock-back.
  • Fire-based projectiles like Mario’s Fireballs will be completely disabled.
  • Some moves that function independently of the fighter won’t be affected by the foam, such as Simon/Richter’s Holy Water

Up Special[]

Carrier Pigeons: Manny takes flight by holding onto a group of carrier pigeons (which are also skeletons) to rise a considerable distance. At the peak of his ascent the pigeons will scatter upwards to deal damage as Manny enters free-fall. Pressing the button again allows Manny to scatter the pigeons early, and he can move left and right while rising. The maximum height of the recovery will be lower depending on how many items Manny is carrying in his suit (see Extra Skill).

Down Special[]

Travel Package: This move functions as a sort of counter. Manny, being the travel agent he is, pulls out his briefcase and shuffles through its contents before putting it away. If an opponent hits Manuel while he is doing this, he will ‘sell’ them a travel package they happen to qualify for (generally being the ‘Excelsior Line’, a walking stick in the original game). While this move does not deal damage, its biggest draw is rendering the opponent unable to run for a few seconds - as well as unable to perform dash attacks. This is indicated by a de-buffing aura that temporarily surrounds them.

However, there is a slim chance (1 in 9) that Manny’s opponent will qualify for a premium Double-N ticket which will greatly amplify their movement speed for a while (similar to Hero’s Accelerattle menu command). In Smash, it doesn’t matter whether an opponent has lead a saintly life or not; anyone can qualify for a Double-N ticket with just a bit of luck.

Final Smash[]

The Bone Wagon: Manny signals to Glottis who drives the Bone Wagon in from the screen; slamming into an opponent and trapping them in a cinematic finisher (similar to the Blue Falcon). The stunned opponent lands next to Manny on top of the Bone Wagon as Glottis puts the pedal to the metal. Domino pulls up next to them in his own car and fires off several Sproutella rounds. Manny ducks behind the opponent as they are shot with the Sproutella darts. Afterwards the opponent is sent flying and becomes affected with a flower that adds continuous minor damage for a while.

Extra Skill[]

Dressed to the Nines: In Grim Fandango, Manny can keep a number of inventory items in his suit. In Smash, pressing Shield and B together will make Manny store any held item inside his suit jacket (or pull it out again). He can store up to five items inside his suit; holding Shield-B and then tapping left and right lets Manny cycle between different items he’s holding on to. It almost puts the Villager’s Pocket to shame! However, Manny can’t hold energy-based or certain move-specific projectiles like the Villager can. It can also take a bit longer to cycle to the item you want, and it doesn’t grant invincibility frames like Pocket does.

Alternate Costumes[]

  1. Default
  2. Meche Colomar - A mint and orange suit based on Meche Colomar
  3. Olivia Ofrenda - A gray and olive suit based on Olivia Ofrenda
  4. Domino Hurley - A yellow and green suit based on Domino Hurley
  5. Cafe Calavera - An alt based on Manny’s Cafe Calavera suit
  6. Captain Manny - An alt based on Manny’s Captain outfit
  7. Lost Souls Alliance - An alt based on Manny’s Lost Souls Alliance uniform
  8. Johnny Wagon - An alt based on Manny’s Johnny Thunder disguise

Associated Content[]

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