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King Boo.jpg
King Boo
Boss Location Story Mode [Haunted Mansion stage]
Franchise Super Mario
Game of Origin Luigi's Mansion
Release Date of Origin September 14th, 2011
Other Appearances Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Princess Peach
Submitted By: Zantok

Boss Info[]

The King of the Boos who rules from the Paranormal Dimension. Though an ally of Bowser, King Boo isn’t happy just playing the minion and enjoys taking it upon himself to lead his own assaults against Mario and Luigi. He first surfaced after Professor E. Gadd captured the ghost Boolossus. King Boo attacked in anger to free Boolossus and then set about on a plot to capture the two Mario brothers and keep them on the wall of his mansion trapped in paintings.

Boss Fight Details[]

This boss fight is being utilized to mimic the first boss fight of Brawl’s Subspace Emissary with Mario and/or Kirby fighting against Petey Piranha. In that fight Petey Piranha jumped around and swung two cages around that housed Princess Peach and Princess Zelda and it was the cages themselves that needed to be attacked so that one of them could be freed. This boss battle works similarly with a cage trapping a character being stored inside of King Boo’s ghostly body. As King Boo floats around and attacks the player they must attack him in order to free their trapped companion.



Though his tongue isn’t as long as it appeared in Super Mario Sunshine, King Boo will nonetheless use it as a close-range Melee swipe in mid-air knocking away any fighters who get too close.


Purple energy crackles across the jewel atop King Boo’s head as a purple streak of lightning shoots up into the sky before crashing back down on the stage in multiple spots with a series of resounding booms.

Phase Shift[]

King Boo will stop his wavering about in midair and make a ghost charge forwards towards the player. It looks visually similar to a slowed down version of Fox’s Fox Illusion with a ghostly white trail following behind him in a bid to get in close to a far-away foe and attack.

Rolling Boo[]

While Phase Shift is typically used by King Boo in the air, Rolling Boo quite literally sees King Boo rolling across the stage as he tries to squash the player. The smart move is to jump over King Boo but not all characters have the necessary jump height to get up and over fast enough.

Bowser Suit[]

King Boo’s most powerful attack sees him possess the Bowser Suit seen in the background of the stage. Only the head of the Bowser Suit gets possessed however and King Boo uses it to float above the stage and spit small balls of ghostly flame across the stage. King Boo is fully invulnerable during this attack so the advised strategy here is to just dodge around the flames and wait for King Boo to end the assault.