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All Divide.png
Franchise Tales of...
Game of Origin Tales of Eternia
Release Date of Origin November 30th, 2000
Other Appearances Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Vesperia
Tales of Xillia
Submitted By: Zantok

Item Info[]

The All-Divide is a rather interesting item in the Tales franchise. When activated it halves all damage that you take from attacks, while at the same time halving the damage your opponents take as well. One has to wonder what the actual uses of such an item would be.

Item Usage[]

Mechanically speaking the All-Divide is similar to items like the Screw Attack and Franklin Badge in the sense that picking it up will equip it yourself for a short time. Instead of being worn like a badge though like the other items, the All-Divide while instead float around character’s body like an orbiting… orb. When equipped, all damage that a character would take from attacks is halved. This does not include any stage hazards or item mishaps that you run into. This does though include all damage from Pokemon, Assist Trophies, and other items used by your opponents.

The catch is though that while all damage you take from opponents is halved, all damage you deal to opponents is halved as well including any Pokemon, Assist Trophies, or other items that you may use against them.